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Terms and conditions
1-Booking is made by paying the tour price and signing the package tour agreement. Seat number is set during booking.
2-Minimum % 25 of tour price must be paid during booking and the rest 15 days before the date tour starts. If  the amount is not paid in time as described above reservation is cancelled. In this case %25 of amount is charged to client as cancelling price.
1-In case of cancellation of booking 7-10 day prior to departure of 1-2 night stay weekend tours  and 10-14 day prior to departure of tours have more than 2 overnight stay % 25 of amount is charged to client as cancelling price. If cancellation is made before the date described above amount is refunded. If cancellation is made later , no money is refunded.
If a Participant who buys Travel Assistance Programme Policy effect payment to travel agency, in case he/she cancels the tour becaus of  death, serious accident and sickness as specified in policy occured before the date tour starts and vehicle doesn’t depart, the paid amount  will be compensated by Insurance Agency within the framework of general and special conditions. Travel agency is not liable to participants by no means.
2-Our agency is not liable for money or valuable article loss occurs during tours.
3-Throughout the tour, in case of incury, death and lost happened on all kind of air-land-sea vehicles transporting agency’s insurance is valid.
4- Because of any political disturbance, strike, naturel disaster, tecnical acts, adverse weather conditions, cancellations made by transporting agencies occured before or throughout the tour our agency can not be held responsible. Thus, our agency have right to rearrange or change the price or vehicle as described in the program.
5- Clients can hand over their rights to someone else till 3 days prior the date tour starts. Assignee is responsible of expences by reason of amount of balance with assignor.  .
6-In case a client does not inform the travel agency in writing that he/she will attend the tour which he/she missed, travel agency can cancel all reservations made for him/her after 24 hour the date tour starts and no refund is applied.
7- If the group number is not enough to make a tour or it is considered necessary, travel agency can partyl or complitely cancal the tour with informing participants at least 5 days before the date tour starts. In such a case amount is paid back.
8-Throughout the tour, guide can change the programme according to road and weather conditions as occasion may require.
1-Participants are responsible for their luggages and all belongings carried in luggages.
2- In case of damage or loss of a luggage caused by GROSS FAULT of agency staff,1/2 of amount which covers just the cost of transportation in total  tour price is paid by travel agency to participant as pecuniary and non-pecuniary demages. Unless things are handed over by clients declaring their values in writing, agency is liable for all kinds of loss, demage and thievery as much as the cost of transportation of the tour.
3-If a client leaves tour by reason of imperfect service, it’s obligatory to inform the tour guide and the hotel adducing reasons in writing. Otherwise , it is accepted that  client does not leave and buys all services.
4- The clients who don’t sign the tour agreement but charge someone with signing it for them are accepted as if they accept to abide by the tour agreement  upon the assignee reads and signs it. However, In case of trials and prosecutions brought an action by tour participants by reason that clients don’t sign the agreement personally  to disadventage of the travel agency and about the tour which  they take part and travel agency have to pay the cost or demages out of written points in this agreement, travel agency preserves recourse for the overpay  which is paid to client whom signs the agreement.  The clients who take part in this tour are accepted as they learn conditions from catalogs and accept the agreement which will be valid between parties  even they don’t sign the agreement.
5-Pets are not allowed in tours.
6-The tour itinerary is an integral part of this agreement.
7-In case travel agency does not obey the agreement partly or completely,TURSAB KUTAHYA CHARD is applied at the time of calculating of compensation payment.

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