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-Tempo Tour was established in 1980, in Ankara.

-All the activities of Tempo Tour make the tour programmes under ISO 9001:2008 standards.

-In order to satisfy all our customers needs and wants Tempo Tour carried out within the framework of the principles of continuous improvement.




-In the rapidly developing service sector, our first aim is satisfy the customer’s wants, needs and expectations., activities of international agreements, tourism legislation, carry out in accordance with the laws and regulations, organizations in both domestic and overseas people's cultural values, to respect nature and the environment, the principles of sustainable tourism and our promises to adhere to; the most important source is our employees and opened new areas for tourism to contribute to the education of our suppliers; focus on continuous improvement by expanding the target; quality of our company name mentioned along with unrivaled in the field to make and keep the customer satisfaction in the upper level.




-Tempo Tour produces service to every kind of people who wants to explore cultural and natural affluences of different regions in the World.

-Tempo Tour chooses the guidance staff with specific criterias and those staff is the best educated personnel.

-All excursion programmes are created carefully and the programmes are realized exactly under unusual circumstances.

-All activities are in accordance with the law determines of the rules.

-Tempo Tour with it’s “environmentalist and protecting” attitude, respects the flora and fauna in the region where it arranges the tour. It hesitates to damage to origin of the sea and tradition of local people.

-Tempo Tour participants read the necessary equipments for each tour and take all the necessary thing along with them.

-In any tour if the lunch is not included to the tour programme our guidance suggests some places that will be suitable for our guests to take lunch.

-If the programme not includes extraordinary situations, all the hotel’s check-in time is 14:00, check-out time is 12:00.




-We arranged hiking, camp, cave, bird observation, sky observation, wine taste excursions to our Turkish consumer firs time and we continue to develop these arrangements.

-We arranged climbing to peak of Mt. Aratat for the group that contains blind espanol people.

-We believe that every cities of our country have cultural, geological and natural value. Depending on this belief, we obtain to be traveled and become famous of many regions. We realized the excursions first time to:

Uzungol, Uzungol Highlands, Firtina valley, Zilkale, Cat, Elevit, Cicekli Highland, Kavron Highlands, Cengovit, Ayder, Camlihemsin Highlands, İkizdere, Cimil Valley, Ovit Mountain, İkizdere Highlands, İkizdere Highlands, Artvin, Savsat, Macahel, Meydancik, Ardahan, Cildir, Guzelyurt(Gelveri), Suluklu Lake, Sunnet Lake, Cubuk Lake, Seyfe Lake, Egirdir, Yazili Canyon, Sutculer, Kovada Lake, Goynuk, Mudurnu, Beypazari, Camlik Caves(Balatini,Suluin), Tinaztepe Cave, Boklarlar, Aladag, Mountain Kackar, Vercenik, İspir Highlands, Yoruk Village, Safranbolu Valleys, Tokat Highlands, Meke Lake, Karaman, Taskale, Ivriz, Kapuzbasi Waterfalls, Torkul Puddle, Sivrihisar, Gecek, Balikdami, Pesinus, Kulu, Duden Lake, Frigian Valley, Sorkun-Tokal, Canyon, Gombe, Yesil(Green) Lake, Ucarsu, Koprulu Canyon, Selge, Konuralp, Ayancik, Erfelek, Cide, Inebolu, Bozkurt, Dedegol Mountains, Beysehir, Aksehir,Cankiri Salt Caves, Yozgat, Divrigi, Kemaliye, Egin, and the places where War of Indipendence was taken place.

-We diffuse the culture that traveling can be realized in every season of the year and each weather conditions with available accoutrements.

-Moving your cultural interaction have provided a combination of Turkish and foreign guests.

-We have contributed to the development of the art of travel.

-Travel enthusiasts, for the first time hiking, camping, caves, bird watching, sky watching, wine tasting organized trips, we continue to develop.


Ana Sayfa


Binnaz Sokak No:1/4 Kavaklıdere / Ankara-TURKEY Phone : (90 312) 428 20 96 (pbx) - 466 91 91 Fax : (90 312) 426 16 70 - 466 76 76

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